October 24, 2014

Splash About!!!

Splash About William Stanley Brown
Ever since the arrival of our son, William, we were excited by the prospect of taking him swimming to our local pool.
At the same time we were also filled with dread over the thought of keeping him warm enough whilst containing any
explosive poo’s – anything to stop the embarrassment of a full blown pool closure would be nice!
So after doing some research into what types of baby swimwear is out there we were lucky enough to be given the opportunity
to try out some products from Splash About - and we have not been disappointed!
We were given 3 products – a “Happy Nappy“, a “NappyWrap” and some Nappy Liners - so we packed our swim bags and off we went…
First up is the NappyWrap and Liners, the idea behind this means there is no need to buy swim nappies.
You simply place one of the disposable liners inside the NappyWrap and velco on your baby as you would a nappy.
This really was as quick and simple as it sounds, William was fastened into his liner and wrap in no time and ready
for the next item!
The Happy Nappy itself looked colourful, and whilst extremely well made, looked potentially difficult to get onto our wriggly octopus!
We needn’t have worried as the nappy was quite supple and we easily managed to get him into it.  The Happy Nappy fit snuggly
around William’s legs and waist and it looked quite comfortable.  We were ready for action!
Our first swim was a success – the Happy Nappy stayed put with no leaks and was as easy to take off at the end as it was to get on.
We have gone from strength to strength with our swimming over the past few months and it’s now a weekly event – be it swimming lessons or just a family swim – and we definately wouldn’t be without our Splash About products.
We have also added to our Splash About collection with a BabySnug mini wetsuit – this can be used istead of the Happy Nappy in cooler pools to keep baby warm.
Overall we have been really happy with our products from Splash About and hope our experiences help you take the plunge!

Name in a Book

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Name In A Book has been serving the UK personalised stories community since 2000.

We specialise in books that are unique to the individual and are suitable for children and adults alike. This has helped us to become a very popular choice for those looking for personalised books for children and for personalised stories.

The idea is to …….
encourage the joy of reading with their name, hometown and up to three friends / relatives featuring in their very own book. The My Very Own Story books can only have two friends names included.

Due to the personalisation they will want to read them over and over again.

Primarily for children they can also be used for adults as a spoof.


QUADROPLAY…How Your Own Private Playground Can Evolve With Your Child From Baby To Their Teenage Years

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They say that the simplest ideas are usually the best ones and in Quadro, there appears to be a fine example of this. So many children’s toys are age specific and are either mothballed or thrown away after a period of time but Quadro evolves as a child develops and grows. The accepted construction toys such as Lego and FischerTechnik are limited and designed to be played with. Quadro adds an extra dimension by allowing children to firstly play with it but then to play on it.


Developed by Hubert Ruther and his wife, Doris, in the late 1970’s, Quadro is designed for both indoor and outdoor play. The initial system contained only 12 basic elements and became the first ever giant construction system. Successful testing was carried out in German kindergartens and a safety certificate awarded, before the official launch at the Nurmburg Toy Fair in 1979.


Early offerings consisted of a number of tubes, connectors and panels that allowed children to play, with their parents, at firstly building the design and then using it, either in the house or outside in the garden, to develop their imagination and motor skills.


From baby to teenager Quadro simply grows with each model and each kit. All Quadro kits can be combined with each other so you can create your own private playground designed for you individual wishes and needs!

In addition to its high play value Quadro also stands out with its high educational value: QUADRO enhances creativity, refines motor skills and the imagination of children.


Development in both parts and kits has lead Quadro to pick up a number of awards around the world. The German Design Centre awarded Quadro a Gold Medal for good design with others coming from Japan and the USA.

Quadro construction kits grow with the children. With Quadro you are not confined to a few designs:
You can work with your ideas and create new models according to your wishes again and again. There are no limits with Quadro from Wendy house to pool, a tree house or a fort with a slide – with Quadro everything is possible.


Quadroplay is broken down into five main sections. My First Quadro, Starter, Basic, Junior and Universal. Quadro’s web site gives a full listing of all the designs that can be made from each section and provides diagrams and construction details. With Quadro you can build, climb, drive, slide and splash all year round!

Construction has been designed for simplicity and strength as the example shows (left)


Parts lists are also available with accessories to develop the basic systems so that it can grow as children grow. Each kit has many variations so building and rebuilding will keep children’s imagination stimulated and enthralled with hours of fun.


Quadroplay offers the chance for parents to spend quality time with their children, something that is vital as they grow. Most children need interaction with parents far more than they do toys and pastimes and with Quadroplay they get both. A helping hand to read the instructions or a literal hand or two to help with the build means that children experience twice as much fun when Mum and Dad help out.


To find out more about Quadro, you can check out Quadroplay’s web site at www.quadroplay.co.uk  Here you will find everything you need to know about the various kits, designs, construction details and accessories.


You can contact them by email on info@quadroplay.co.uk or by phone on 01904 489057.


Flying Start catches up with Dee Butcher and how she has put the ‘WOW’ factor into Unique Dee-signs

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Choosing and buy a greeting card and gift for your loved one to celebrate that special occasion has always been something that many of us leave until the last minute before rushing around like a headless chicken to make sure we get something in time. If that describes you then you will need as much as help as possible to make sure the recipient doesn’t end of with flowers from the nearest garage and a corner shop card.


Unique Dee-signs could be just the solution. Offering an extensive range of unique handmade greeting cards, Dee Butcher wanted to put the ‘WOW’ factor into her designs and nobody can argue that she failed to do so. Specialising in Exploding Boxes and Champagne Bottle cards, Dee is only limited by her imagination in providing such innovative and top of the range cards that anyone would be thrilled to receive.

The Exploding Box comes beautifully presented and on removing the outer ribbon, the sides fall to reveal the designs and messages inside. Dee is happy to spend as much time as you require to get the correct outer design, wording and all of the internal images to make an Exploding Box just the right gift. Exploding Boxes are suitable for just about any occasion from Anniversaries to Birthdays, Retirement Presentations to Weddings and Christenings.


The Champagne Bottle keepsake cards are handcrafted from an A4 piece of card which is folded lengthways to create the card blank, then decorated with a handmade Bottle, which is curved to give you the right effect.  The bottle label is layered with co-ordinating card and text, according to the occasion.

The cards below were made for a 10th Wedding Anniversary, according to the customer’s preferences.

Dee has incorporated the Tin and Daffodil that signify the 10th anniversary into the handmade flower arrangement on the neck of the bottle and each card is presented in a handcrafted box.

 As well as Dee’s specialities, Unique Dee-signs also offers a broad range of cards and gifts to suit all occasions for Her, for Him, Baby and Christening, Special Ideas and Weeding Stationery.

Why not send birthday wishes to that special lady with a classy birthday card made to your own design. Let that special someone know you are thinking of them with a Unique Dee-signs card that takes your best wishes and congratulations with it.


For the gentlemen Unique Dee-signs has a comprehensive set of offerings for Father’s Day, Birthdays and any other occasion. For husbands, partners, fathers, uncles, nephews and even best mates. Talk to Dee and get just what you need to suit the man and the event.

Wedding Stationary

For more great ideas from Unique Dee-signs, why not check out Dee’s web site at www.uniquedee-signs.co.uk where you can browse for ideas or contact Dee via the online enquiry form. You can also email Dee directly on deebutcher@uniquedee-signs.co.uk or visit us on Facebook


If you would like to talk to Dee directly you can call her on 07788 724140

Jumping for Fun!

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There is an old circus tale that suggested the first trampoline was probably the idea of a trapeze artist called Du Trampolin who realised that the trapeze safety net could be used both for propulsion and as a landing device. No evidence exists to back up this colourful folklore but when George Nissen and Larry Griswold observed the trapeze artists at work, they created the first trampoline as an aid to their gymnastic training in the mid-1930’s. Used extensively in the USA by the military and later for astronaut training, trampolining eventually became a competitive sport that reached the Olympic games in 2000.


Jump for fun was established in 2004. Part of the retail group (www.iipgroup.co.uk) who have been in business since 1989. Their number one priority is to provide a safe product for children that is value for money, gives great performance and long life and to do that their products feature only the best materials and specifications possible.


Jump for Fun are an innovative company and after extensive research and development, they introduced a production technique that enabled them to remove all welds from their products, a huge step in improving safety.


Jump for Fun again went to the drawing boards in 2006 for another giant leap to maintain injury free trampolining. This time, to replace the standard round trampoline, they came up with an octagonal design, finding that the bounce is better than any round trampoline combo on the market.


The jumpers are far less likely to be pulled together in the middle, therefore making it much safer and the large choice of sizes and unique designs makes it easier to fit into the tightest gardens. The OctaJump now represents over 90 % of all the trampolines that Jump for Fun sell.


Jump for Fun pride themselves on customer, and after sales, service. Their web site www.jumpforfun.co.uk is packed full of help and advice on how to decide on the right trampoline. There is information on choosing the right shape and size and also on the construction of trampolines so that the buyer can be assured of the highest level of safety.


There are also videos on assembling the trampoline when it arrives and a comprehensive list of accessories and spares should you wish to enhance the trampoline or replace anything should there ever be a problem.


So why should you buy your trampoline from Just for Fun?  There are a number of good reasons.

  • Jump for Fun trampolines come with a minimum of a 10-year warranty from structural failure due to rust.
  • All of their products are tested to our very high standards. They can give high warranty because we have approved the quality.
  • They don’t believe in just selling you a trampoline, they are here to support you and advise on the best product for your children. If you have a problem with one of our trampolines, just give us a call. You are fully supported with Jump for Fun. We believe in our products, and that you will be 100% satisfied.
  • If you are not happy with your trampoline when it arrives, if you don’t believe in our Value and Quality. You have 14 days and No Questions Asked to return it to us with a full refund.


The excitement and spectacle of the 2012 Olympics has awakened a new interest in sport for many Britons, and with an increasing number of ordinary back gardens having their own trampolines, a large number of British families are looking at their fun hobby with a more sporty attitude.


Jump for Fun recognise the need to encourage this increase in interest in trampolining and will continue with their commitment to their products in quality, ingenuity and performance to make them stay as the number one UK trampoline company.


This along with their commitment to customers and after sales support ensures that you can be assured of the best service available at all times.


To find out more about Jump for Fun, you can access their web site at www.jumpforfun.co.uk where you can contact them via their online system or call them on 0845 873 3011.


Jump for Fun are located at IIP Group Ltd, Swanthorpe Barn, Crondall, Surrey, GU10 5PY

Buggy Pitstop Continues In It’s Innovative Success

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In 2012 Flying Start took a look at Buggy Pitstop, a relatively young business that was providing an innovative service for all pushchair and buggy owners. Instead of having to look for an expensive new buggy when parents were expecting their next child, Buggy Pitstop is able to renovate and service their original stroller to as new standards. We’ve been back to Buggy Pitstop, and owner Aziz Tayabali, to see how they have fared in the intervening 12 months.


Buggy Pitstop’s Success

First impressions are extremely positive. Buggy Pitstop has moved into new premises in Wembley, just off the Hangar Lane roundabout and have also built a completely new web site (www.buggypitstop.co.uk)

Last year, Aziz spoke to us about his plan for a nationwide expansion and the new London service centre is the first stage of his ambitious drive.


Buggy Pitstop is built on high levels of customer service and their pledge is to provide customers with service that meets their expectations.

“We will give serious consideration to your needs. We will give you accurate costs, precise information and solid advice. We will deliver on our promises and resolve any problems or issues that may arise. All with the highest level of professionalism”



With a network of 14 Pitstop Locations around London, it’s easy for parents to drop off and collect their pushchairs, strollers, buggies or car seats. It’s a simple and straightforward system. The item will be collected from the ‘Pitstop’ and be brought to the Service Centre. When received, Buggy Pitstop will call the customer with a quotation and after they have received the go ahead, they will complete the job and email out an invoice. When payment is received, the item will be returned back to the ‘Pitstop’ for collection the following week.


Buggy Pitstop have also developed their Express Delivery service, something that Aziz was in the process of introducing a year ago. So that the service is not just limited to the London Pitstops, Buggy Pitstop will collect and return your pushchair from anywhere in mainland UK for just £15 (£7.50 Half price offer currently running until April 30th).


Latest Innovations


Buggy Pitstop haven’t stopped there either. They now have a number of other services that are sure to be winners with their customers. The Express Service offers an agreed date and time for customers to bring in their buggy and have a renovate-while-you-wait same day repair/service that is guaranteed and another innovation is the Bugaboo recycling facility now available. Customers who no longer have any need for their Bugaboo buggy can recycle it to Buggy Pitstop for cash so that they can use the parts for repairs on other pushchairs.

The all-new Steam Clean Service ensures clean and hygienic surfaces for all children’s nursery equipment and covers Car Seats, Pushchairs, Highchairs, Baby Bouncers and Travel Cots

Buggy Pitstop’s cleaning process involves a number of stages to ensure a buggy is brought back to life in an almost as good as new state. They firstly strip the buggy down to its component parts; give the fabric an overnight soak before applying a non-toxic cleaning solution before a thorough scrubbing.


The chassis then gets a jet wash and the wheels are removed to lubricate the bearings and any faults found are repaired before a clean and polish shines the chassis and a coat of paint ensures the wheels are in tip top order before everything is re-assembled. As Aziz says, We’ll save you the time and effort by delivering a germ and bacteria free, odour free, sparklingly clean and shiny pushchair or car seat, restoring your child’s pushchair or car seat to “like new” condition – quickly, safely and hygienically. And, as with everything we do, you’ll know we’ll treat your buggy or car seat with extraordinary care. Using the right combination of skills, equipment, processes and cleaning products.”




Buggy Pitstop are authorised service agents for Maclaren and they repair and stock parts for many other makes from Baby Jogger to Stokke and Jane meaning that they can offer a service for Silver Cross prams to Phil n Ted Strollers and many more besides.

Testimonials and Contact Details

Many happy customers have left testimonials that can be seen on the testimonials page of the new Buggy Pitstop web site at www.buggypitstop.co.uk


You can find out much more about Buggy Pitstop on the web site and contact them by either the online form or by email on sales@buggypitstop.co.uk for parts and sales enquiries and on service@buggypitstop.co.uk for all service enquiries. They also provide 4 telephone numbers for your personal calls and can be reached on 0208 6017 154, 0208 166 5744 and mobile numbers 07921 480574 and 07403 391791.



Flying Start Catches Up With Debbie Hepplewhite, Her Expertise and Impressive Phonics International

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A constant problem for both primary and secondary school staff has been the number of pupils unable to reach a satisfactory standard in reading before leaving junior school for the start of their secondary education.

The knock on effect means that a significant number of students, leaving to take up placement in the workforce, transfer this low standard and are unable to work effectively. A study carried out by the Programme for International Student Assessment in 2009 showed that after seven years of primary education, one in six 11 year olds still struggles to read. The 2011 tests for children leaving primary school also reveal that one in 10 boys aged 11 read no better than a seven year old.


In recent years evidence has suggested that teaching reading by use of phonics has been much more successful in allowing pupils to reach the level of reading demanded for their key stage year. To this effect the government has promised a funding match for primary schools buying materials for the teaching of phonics to the value of £3000.


Phonics aims to teach the letter sounds and then builds up to blending these sounds together to achieve full pronunciation of whole words. Convinced that the synthetic phonics system of teaching children to read is the way in which greater numbers could attain higher standards, Debbie Hepplewhite put her broad primary teaching and teacher-training experience to very good use when designing the Phonics International programme.


Debbie told Flying Start that Phonics International (PI) is a highly-organised, systematic and yet flexible synthetic phonics programme (program) especially designed for all ages and needs and suitable for anyone who wants to learn to read and spell – perfect for schools, tutoring and homeschooling and that   teachers, teaching assistants, tutors, learners and learners’ parents will all find the resources very supportive and effective. Student-teachers and teacher-trainers will also find great benefit from using the Phonics International programme for training purposes.

Phonics International is not just for primary school staff and pupils however. There appears to have been a belief that secondary school teachers would not be required to teach reading per se as this was the primary school’s responsibility. In recent times this myth has been dispelled and secondary education plays a large part in remedial work in many subjects. However, relatively few secondary schools may be using systematic synthetic phonics teaching as part of their teaching of reading.

This is borne out by the 2011 Ofsted Report Removing Barriers to Literacy which states,

‘Inspectors saw few instances of systematic phonics teaching in the secondary schools, colleges and other providers of adult education and training, despite the fact that for learners without a grasp of the link between sounds and letters, this knowledge is necessary to develop their literacy’

Debbie has designed Phonics International to be just as easy to use in secondary education and has had glowing feedback on it’s success (http://www.phonicsinternational.com/Secondary_Phonics_write_up.pdf ). With the backing for the phonics system in primary schools, more and more secondary schools will be encouraged to take up the system in their remedial work and Debbie’s passion will be acknowledged to an even higher level than it has been so far. Debbie’s expertise and her impressive Phonics International body of work has seen her invited to be the phonics consultant for the ‘Oxford Reading Tree Floppy’s Phonics Sounds and Letters programme’ (Oxford University Press). Both phonics programmes and the training provision have been recognised by the British government as fulfilling the official ‘Core Criteria’ for ‘Systematic Synthetic Phonics’. They are therefore listed in the national ESPO catalogue (government match funding for schools in England only).

In 2012, Debbie was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s New Year Honours List for services to education.

Debbie has recently launched a new course for the teaching of handwriting which can be seen online at http://www.debbiehepplewhitehandwriting.com/

You can contact Debbie at

Phonics International Limited                          By phone on 01635 800033
Walnut House
Floreat Gardens                                   By email on debbie@phonicsinternational.com
Berkshire                                            Skype – debbiehepp
RG14 6AW
United Kingdom


Or through the Phonics International web site click here 

Harry’s Department Store Serving Shetland for Over 50 Years

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There’s a sign at Sumburgh airport that reads “London has Harrods, Lerwick has Harry’s” and it sums up exactly what Harry’s Department Store signifies to the inhabitants of a part of the Scotland that isn’t as easily accessible as some and receives some of the harshest weather in the UK throughout the year.


Harry Jamieson is the archetypal self-made man. Having left school at 15, he was able to find a job training to be a barber while the majority of his school mates were forced to leave the islands for work on mainland Scotland and further afield.


His first business move was to acquire the Cozy Corner Café in the 1960’s, which gave him the room to expand the barbershop to include selling masks to celebrate the annual Up Helly Aa festivities.


Slowly buying adjacent properties eventually gave Harry the chance to diversify and Harry’s Department Store opened in the 1970’s as Harry moved into cosmetics and gifts, linens and household goods. As with all fledgling companies, life was far from easy for Harry in making the company a success but with the discovery of oil, his business was given the major boost it required as the workforce from Sullom Voe brought a need for a variety of goods.


Harry’s Department Store is as synonymous with Shetland’s main town as its perhaps more famous counterpart is with the capital of England. In the 50 years of its existence, Harry’s has grown from small beginnings as a barber’s shop into a multi-storey treasure trove selling everything from jigsaw puzzles to kitchen implements, and greetings cards to light bulbs.


Over the years the shop has grown to fill four floors, but the philosophy remains the same, quality well known brands at great prices with good service. Their Toymaster toyshop is a real traditional toyshop as you used to remember them.


An entire floor has been given over to a huge range of toys, games, stocking fillers, crafts and collectables for all ages from birth to 90.


Harry’s also has an extensive Nursery department stocking prams, strollers, cots, cot beds, mattresses and all the other nursery essentials.


In the Household section styled exactly like a traditional high street department store, they hold a large stock, not only of Denby, Horwood and Gaggia, but also of Brabantia, Le Creuset, T&G, Typhoon, Kenwood and Morphy Richards to name a few.


If it’s celebration time then Harry’s Department Store will have just the thing with a host of themed accessories for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays and if the party involves fancy dress then you’ve struck it lucky as Harry’s stocks a massive selection of costumes, wigs and accessories.


Harry’s Department Store prides itself in being a real shop where they aim to stock all the items displayed on the web site. When you contact them you will speak to someone in the shop who can see the actual stock and your order could be at the Post Office within the hour! Shopping at Harry’s is a refreshing change from anonymous call centres and on-line retailers who carry no physical stock themselves.


To see what  Harry’s Department Store have to offer you, take a look at their web site at www.harrysdepartmentstore.co.uk


To contact Harry’s Department Store you can complete the online enquiry form or call them on

01595 693097

Who would not want to know how to reduce accidents and know what to do in an emergency?

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When a child, work colleague, parent, friend or stranger is taken ill suddenly or is injured in an accident, you need to know what to do. It is simple and fun to learn and gives you the confidence to act promptly and appropriately in a crisis – a very good feeling compared to being a helpless bystander. AETP will take pleasure in providing you with relevant First Aid training.


Andrea Woolley, AETP’s Director, is a parent, a qualified nurse, with many years experience in A&E, and holds a degree in occupational health and safety. She trains all age groups and clients ranging from large organisations to schools, parents and students, GPs and dentists.  Andrea brings a quiet authority and a high degree of professionalism to the advice, education and training given.


First Aid


AETP is a HSE Approved First Aid at Work training organisation and a HABC Approved Health and Safety Training Centre, member of the First Aid Industry Body (FAIB), FOFATO, IOSH, BSACI, Anaphylaxis Campaign & Resuscitation Council, PSLA, NCMA, CAPT.


AETP has many years experience in training child carers in Paediatric first aid, satisfying both Ofsted and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) requirements; and Anaphylaxis Management in children.


AETP has a long track record in providing training including:


  • * Paediatric First Aid
  • * First Aid at Work, First Aid at Work requalification, Emergency First Aid
  • * Anaphylaxis Management
  • * Child Accident Prevention and Risk Management
  • * Short courses including CPR, Anaphylaxis Management and Automated External Defibrillation
  • * Occupational Health and Safety and Manual Handling
  • * Parent / grandparent / carer / nursery staff / childminder Emergency First Aid short courses at   
  •    home, nursery and school, tailored to specific requirements and needs
  • * Home safety / prevention of accidents in the home especially to children
  • * Risk assessment and management.



As a small organisation AETP is able to respond to your very specific needs, ensuring that training provided is up-to-date, relevant, practical, inclusive, highly professional, engaging and interactive in order to best satisfy your requirements and ensure positive learner outcomes.

Child Injury and Accident Prevention


Being able to make rapid risk assessments and judgements about how to do things safely is essential both to the running of your nursery and the safety of the day to day activities in which the children are engaged. The same applies to the environment, buildings, and conduct of all activities by staff.  AETP addresses Risk Management training as standalone sessions on (Child) Accident Prevention and Risk Management for staff or carers and with imaginative and engaging activities for young children.  We can combine sessions on home safety and first aid tailored for groups of carers, parents or nursery staff.


Adult and Child Illnesses – First Aid


Many children suffer severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis), asthma, epilepsy and diabetes. Those around them, adults or friends, including children, need to have sufficient first aid knowledge and skills to ensure they are able to take confident, prompt, appropriate action to help in a crisis. There can be no worse feeling than being a helpless bystander in an emergency, especially if it affects a child, work colleague, friend or relative.


Information & contact details


Sessions/courses available are very flexible in content, duration, and timing and will be tailored to specific requirements.  Most training takes place at your venue, in-house.  Open courses are also available. A certificate is awarded for all courses.


For more information, access AETP’s comprehensive web site at www.aetp.org.uk and to find out more email Andrea on andrea@aetp.org.uk or andrea.woolley@live.co.uk or you can call using either 01727 750 892 or 07939 127 081


If you need to check with AETP’s long list of customers, Andrea will be more than willing to put you in touch with them so that you can access first hand testimonials to their service.


Flying Start Catches Up With Fast Response First Aid Training

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With a range of qualifications that include Certificate of Education, City and Guilds 7306, Trainers Assessors Award, Community First Responder, Manual Handling and Fire Marshall Training, Health and Safety Levels One and Two, Training for Royal Life Saving and Defibrillator Training and accreditation from, FOFATO (Federation of First Aid Training Organisations) and a member of the First Aid Industry Body, Fast Response First Aid Training have all the right credentials to provide the necessary courses and training for you.


Fast Response First Aid Training have been fulfilling first aid requirements for nurseries, childminders, primary and secondary schools and businesses, large and small, since 2005 and offer training of all types from First Aid at Work, Emergency First Aid at Work, Paediatric First Aid, Sports First Aid, Health and Safety and Fire Training.

We specialise in onsite training and although based in Yorkshire we are able to travel to suit your needs for e.g. recent courses have been in Nottingham, Liverpool, Northumberland and Birmingham.


Fast Response offers courses to suit everyone. They believe that although first aid is a serious subject, learning the theory and practical techniques should be fun. They use interactive DVDs for their courses to make them interesting and involving and have no written or oral exams as part of their assessments.


When it comes to Paediatric First Aid Fast Response First Aid Training employ female trainers who all have children and have experienced emergencies with their own children and in assisting others. The course consists of twelve hours contact time includes dealing with all childhood emergencies including choking, burns and scalds, head injuries, bleeding, shock, dealing with an unconscious child and CPR. Each student is supplied with a bandage pack and a first aid manual specifically for children’s first aid. Certificate lasts for three years.



Fast Response First Aid Training is an approved training provider for Leeds Early Years Service and follows the OFSTED guidelines. They use interactive training with lots of DVD clips to make learning interesting while being fun and helping students think like first aiders, treating injuries quickly and efficiently with lots of tender loving care which all casualty’s need. They believe in lots of hands on practise so that students feel confident enough to take on any situation that may come across either at work or at home.

Another area of major importance is the effective use of the defibrillator and this is included in all their courses, with more specialised training on  their Automatic External Defibrillator Course which features how to use a defibrillator, combined with excellent CPR skills to enable you to use the machine you have on your premises. Alongside a standard First Aid at Work or/and Emergency First Aid at Work course and any participant would be trained to be a first aider in the workplace.


If you would like to find out more about how Fast Response First Aid Training can help you with your first aid requirements, you can access their web site at www.fastresponsefirstaidtraining.co.uk where you can contact them via the online enquiry form. If you wish to email direct, you can use gina@fastresponsefirstaidtraining.co.uk or you can call on either of the following numbers:

0113 2552712 -  07711 036617  -  07711 718642


Fast Response First Aid Training is located at 20 Summerville Road, Farsley, LS28 6EL