October 23, 2014

BBC Worldwide’s DVD and Digital Selection to Educate and Entertain

BBC Worldwide has a great selection of DVD and digital releases this Summer to keep the little ones entertained.

Baby Jake Loves to Say Hello and Box Set (1 & 2)
Available on DVD 3rd September
RRP: £10.20 & £20.42
The hit pre-school show about the adventures of a heroic real baby who boldly goes where no baby has gone before! Baby Jake is a cuddly and curious baby boy of 11 months who loves nothing more than being the centre of attention with his siblings. That’s when he’s not travelling to incredible lands, playing with amazing creatures and gurgling and goo-ing with his big brother Isaac.

Deadly Top 10
Available on DVD 3rd September and to download: 6th August
RRP: £10.20
Deadly 60’s Top 10 is now out on DVD! There is also a fantastic limited edition available, which includes a free scorpion micro figure. You can also use amazing augmented reality to scan the cover of the DVD and watch the deadly scorpion come to life!
Steve Backshall takes to the jungles, skies, seas and forests on a mission to count down the most dangerous creatures on the planet. On his search he encounters some of the best-known predators such as the cheetah, the grizzly bear, the tiger shark and the black mamba snake, but there are plenty of surprises, including net-throwing spiders, an ancient dragon with killer drool, a spear-throwing snail, gigantic killer hornets and even some bloodthirsty plants with killer spines! Whether they’re the fastest, have the biggest teeth or are the most poisonous – these beasts all have one thing in common: they’re all deadly. But which will be judged the most fearsome and take Steve’s number one spot?

Octonauts Ready For Action! & Box set ‘The First Collection’
Available on DVD 10th September and to download: 10TH September
RRP: £10.20 & £15.31
This release will include the following episodes and their corresponding creature reports:
Narwhal, Midnight Zone, Snapping Shrimp, Snot Sea Cucumber, Giant Whirlpool, Hermit Crab, Mixed Up Whales and Kelp Forest Rescue.
The box set includes all the episodes from the releases: Here Come The Octonauts, To The Gups! and Ready For Action!

Something Special Mr Tumble and Me
Available on DVD 10th September
RRP: £10.20
This award-winning BBC TV series uses Makaton sign language and was carefully designed for children with learning difficulties – but it has also proved incredibly popular with many other pre-school viewers. Eight new episodes, focusing on everyday aspects of young children’s lives, feature more songs, clowning and tomfoolery from the irrepressible Mr Tumble as well as Lord Tumble, Aunt Polly and Grandad Tumble.

Chuggington Icy Escapades
Available on DVD 17th September
RRP: £8.16
Includes a traintastic Limited Edition Die Cast Snow-Brewster!
In these cool fun-packed new adventures there’s melting ice cream to be saved, Eddie and Emery get stranded in a winter storm, Wilson finds trouble in the ice cave, Harrison takes on the snow drifts – and loses and Hodge gets carried away on a windy day in Chuggington!

Waybuloo Piplings Love to Help
Available on DVD 24th September
RRP: £7.14
In this fantastic selection of episodes, the Piplings and the visiting Cheebies delight in play, music and exploration. In enchanting adventures around the beautiful land of Nara, they discover how co-operation and sharing helps everyone to have fun. Every episode also features two Yogo sessions – the Piplings and Cheebies demonstrating simple exercises that encourage children to get up and interact with their favourite characters.

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